Al-Awan International is a world-class provider of plant maintenance and industrial cleaning services for a variety of industries. Our primary objective is to cost-effectively meet the technical requirements and maintain quality throughout the process. Our plant maintenance services include power, natural gas, refining, pipelines, railroad, chemical processing, ports and harbors.

Apart from providing the right equipment to perform maintenance projects and industrial cleaning of various sizes, we also offer specially trained individuals to accommodate our client's needs by matching the appropriate equipment to get the task completed efficiently and safely. Besides, our technicians are certified and thoroughly trained in all aspects of equipment operation, site-safety, and compliance

Plant Maintenance Services

  • Heat exchanger maintenance, overhauling, re-tubing, bundle pulling
  • Column revamping, replacement of trays / internals
  • Pipelines, valves maintenance / modifications
  • Tank cleaning and maintenance, bottom change out and repairs
  • Hydraulic torquing / tensioning
  • Blinding and de-blinding of equipment and systems
  • Valve replacement