Post Weld Heat Treatment
Packing over 15 years of experience in Heat Treatment services, AAI is widely known as one of the top players in the field. The elite force of specialized engineers and qualified technicians in Post Weld Heat Treatment Engineering, tagged with a strong knowledge in metallurgy and material, contribute to our goal of becoming the first choice for all heat treatment solution.
Our on-site pre heat and post weld heat treatment services cater to all main industry sectors including but not limited to General Engineering Fabrication, Power Generation and Distribution, Petrochemical Plants, and Refineries, while also covering Offshore/Marine locations. PCMC has provided heat treatment services for facilities having container diameters of 12.5 mm to 16,500 mm, with average thickness ranging from 4mm to 240 mm.
Some of the Heat Treatment Services and Procedures we have catered for include:
  • Pre-heating & post-heating
  • Stress Relieving (SR) & Intermediate Stress Relieving
  • Normalizing, Solution Annealing, and Water Quenching
  • Tempering, Step Cooling, and Drying of Refractory Material.
  • Electrical and Gas/Oil Fired Heat Treatment Services:
  • Local PWHT for Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, and Pipes
  • Preheating
  • Local Electrical Resistance Heating
  • Internal Firing by Gas or Oil
  • Furnaces including Electrical, Oil Firing, and Gas Firing
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Machine Sales, Services & Spare Sales
Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) Machine Sales, Services & Spare Sales